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Intro to Office Graph and Delve: Finding what you want before you know you need it

Room 105 Session 8 (4:00-5:15)

Paul Stork

At the SharePoint Conference in the Spring of 2014 Microsoft announced a new Product called Project "Oslo". Project "Oslo" is made up of two new prdocut offerings; Office Graph and Delve. Office Graph is a new technology that uses a combination of machine learning and SharePoint search to explore the relationships between People you follow, the content they author, and the social activities they participate in. The information revealed by Office Graph is then presented to users in a personalized interface using Delve in Office 365. By leveraging these new technologies Delve can present you with a proactive look at content you might be interested in before you even think to search for it. In this talk we'll demonstrate how Delve works and review the underlying architecture of Delve and Office Graph. We'll also provide some examples of how developers can leverage Delve to create new applications or surface Office Graph content in SharePoint.

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