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Updating Your Skillset for SharePoint 2013 App Model Development

Room 102 Session 7 (2:35-3:50)

Sean McDonough

Many traditional .NET developers are “plumbers.” They write software and applications that run behind-the-scenes with limited direct user interaction: middleware and services, frameworks, and other non-UI/UX code. Now that SharePoint 2013 and its new Application Model are here, plumbers who are interested in developing for SharePoint are finding it increasingly difficult to sell (and un-cool to build) applications using older techniques that revolve around SharePoint’s full-trust, server-side object model. Wise plumbers recognize that now is the time to update some skills and add to their toolset to avoid going the way of the dinosaur. In this session, a self-professed plumber describes his road to dig into and apply some of the technologies he generally avoided for so long: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, responsive design, asynchronous browser calling patterns, and more. Content for this session is presented within the context of the new SharePoint 2013 App Model, and it is geared towards those who identify themselves as plumbers and want to build Apps for SharePoint 2013 – but aren’t quite sure where to start or what they need to know.

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