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Yammer Sustainment: Evaluate, Adopt, and Iterate

Room 104 Session 6 (1:10-2:25)

Michelle Caldwell

Sustaining adoption is an often overlooked and under-planned part of many Enterprise Social implementations. You simply cannot afford to ignore the importance of this topic. Successful sustainment of Enterprise Social is a critical component to ensuring the long-term success of any Yammer initiative. In this class we’ll discuss field-proven tactics to help your users continue on the Yammer journey and find value in the platform. We’ll look at key adoption indicators to evaluate on a regular basis. Learn how to continue evolving and discover the value that Yammer can bring to your organization. This class will teach you how to: Apply field-proven tactics to sustain your Yammer implementation Evaluate user engagement metrics Engage and build Yammer champions Apply field-tested strategies in your organization

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