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Leave the Fileshare, and join the Enterprise Content Revolution!

Room 103 Session 6 (1:10-2:25)

Ryan Dennis

Fileshares and folders have been the bread and butter for Enterprise Content Management for a very long time. They've served their purpose, and they were great at one time - but it's time to leave them for a better, smarter solution. Enterprise Content Management in SharePoint Server is here to stay - and simply migrating your fileshare data into a more robust and intelligent structure can help you better find and manage your enterprise data. In this session, we'll look at an example of a fileshare and how we can very easily redefine our Enterprise Content Management strategy using SharePoint Server as the platform. Attendees will witness how easy it can be to add and categorize content using out-of-the-box SharePoint functionality - and how you can start to use Enterprise Content Management to better serve your business.

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