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Maximizing the SharePoint User Experience with Free Third Party jQuery Libraries

Room 102 Session 4 (11:15-12:30)

Mark Rackley

SharePoint functionality out of the box enables developers to can create almost any business application?and get 85% of the way there. Find out how to use free, readily available jQuery libraries to take your applications to the next level and get that final 15%. In this class, we'll take the real-world example of a Contract Management Solution built for a Fortune 100 company using all out-of-the-box SharePoint functionality and jQuery libraries. We enhance out of the box SharePoint to: -Create useful, well organized dashboards that don't clutter up a page using the jQuery UI library -Use SharePoint's REST and a powerful Calendar Library to create USEFUL Calendar views of Contracts and report on their dates -Create graphs using SharePoint's REST and jQuery libraries to give those business users the pretty they crave

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